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Signs That Better Security Is Needed!

Remember the “old days” when people actually slept with their windows open or doors unlocked? Just watch any re-run of Mayberry RFD and watch the friendly neighbors walk into each other’s homes freely and unannounced. Nowadays, you can get shot for that! What happened? More people and more crime happened! Today, people are not as trusting, nor should they be. With the increase in gang activity, neighborhood crime, car theft, shoplifting, flash mobs, vagrants and homeless, you just can’t be too careful. This is where better security is needed and comes into play. Here at Locksmith Tyler, we advocate better security and protection no matter where in town you are. This includes home, auto and business.

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

The first step to better security is to simply be more aware of where you are and who is around you. Apply this new awareness to home life as well as to your workplace and recreational locations, too. When you are in the grocery store, is your cart with your purse near you at all times? Or, do you leave it (only for a moment!) to go get a box of crackers 20 feet away? When you load those groceries in your trunk, are you cognizant of who is walking behind you or parking next to you? As you enter an elevator at work do you notice any suspicious looking person(s) nearby that might just jump in with you? When you are working in your garage at night do you leave the light on so that your property is well lit and no one just happens to walk up to you or sneak inside? The purpose of this post is NOT to make you paranoid – only to increase your awareness of your local Tyler, TX environment and the possibilities of threats to your well-being. If you have friends or guests with you, it is very easy to get distracted to the point where a pick pocket or armed bandit can get to you or to one of the members of your party. This gets even further complicated when you are responsible for children and/or pets.

Neighborhood Problems

It’s a myth that only bad neighborhoods get crime. Sure, crooks tend to haunt poor locals but they are not stupid; they know where the money is at. Even higher end parts of town can experience burglars, home invasions, domestic problems and drug deals gone bad. Our Locksmith Tyler customers live in a wide range of socio-economic neighborhoods ranging from mobile home parks to country clubs and all experience the need for added and better security to protect homes, businesses and automotive vehicles.

Are You Being Watched?

Not to alarm you but many times, a “mark” is watched before the criminal strikes. This can include your daily habits like taking your lunch break at a certain time and place. It could mean that someone is lurking behind a hedge near your home and noticing that you get the morning paper before 7 am and you never lock the door behind you. Your dog door may be large enough for a person to crawl through. Even small pets have doors that a child can fit through. You may be thinking “what can a child do?” but think for a moment. That less than innocent boy or girl can be trained to enter your pet door and run to your front door to unlock it! If your dog has been previously observed to be friendly and not aggressive, then this is a very likely scenario when you are away at work or on vacation.

Change Those Locks!

Have you been the victim of a recent crime at home or at your business? Changing your locks can help. In fact, even if your life has been crime free up to now, rekeying your locks is a smart precaution. Have you ever wondered who has keys to your house, car or business? The most obvious choices are your children, your spouse and any roommates. Think back though; where did you get your key? Realtors, builders, property managers, contractors, delivery persons, landscapers, baby sitters and many others have had access to your key(s) at some point. How many just happen to have a spare?

Lock Change or Lock Rekey?

There’s a difference and here at Locksmith Tyler, we are often asked which is best. That part is up to you. When our licensed, bonded and insured technicians rekey a lock, we leave the lock itself in place. We simple alter the interior pins so that a different key is needed to open it. In most cases, this is what you really need. Rekey work is fast, affordable and gives you tremendous peace of mind as you now have better control over your key distribution. When we change the locks, we actually change them out for new ones. This involves a slightly higher expense and is often a preferred choice when you want to upgrade to better quality locks for added protection.

Business Security

Remember when a simple lock on the shop door was enough? Not anymore. Commercial property can include apartment rentals, restaurants, retail stores, medical clinics, car dealers, attorney firms, private schools, art galleries, jewelry stores, laundromats and hundreds more. Anytime you are dealing with money, cash, credit cards, customers and inventory, you have to worry about shoplifting, employee theft, pilfering and even “not so accidental” slips and falls. Each Tyler, TX business is unique and has different security issues so it’s best to consult with an established commercial lock and key expert like ours here at Locksmith Tyler. We offer free consultations, free price quotes and superior quality hardware from the nation’s best lock manufacturers. You might consider CCTV camera installation, high security locks, deadbolts, rekeys, change outs, panic bar additions, peepholes and other quality improvements that can vastly enhance the security of your company, customers and staff. If you already have a preferred locksmith shop that you work with, ask them for their recommendations to bolster your security protection at home, in your car or at your business location.