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How to Avoid Automotive Lockouts

Any time you find yourself lockout out, you are likely to become very frustrated. This is understandable. You probably want to scream at someone but unfortunately you have no one to blame accept yourself. You become even more frustrated when you are already late and you discover that you are locked out.

Here at Locksmith Tyler in Tyler, TX we would like to provide you with some useful resolutions to help you avoid being locked out. Be advised that the only way these suggestions can benefit you is if you put them to use. If you choose to do so or not it will depend on you. When you decide to take our suggestions to heart and implement them, you don’t have anything to lose. You will probably be glad that you even took the time to read this article in order to gain some practical solutions to being locked out. You know what they say, “If I knew then what I know now”. This means you would have done this a long time ago. Our suggestions simply act as a guide for you to use as you choose. After reading our suggestions, you may tweek our suggestions and come up with some that work just as good.

  • Lock Picks

You might be saying that this would enable you to get into anyone’s car, any time you choose to. You would be right, to a degree. We say this because in some municipalities you are allowed to carry a lock pick but in others, you are not. Check with your municipality before making the investment. Despite never being locked out before, it is always a good idea to be prepared for the possibility.  Proper use of a lock pick is necessary if you are going to be effective in gaining access again. We would suggest that you practice on your car or a friend’s before you actually have to use it for a lock out.

  • Bump Keys

A bump key enables you to unlock your door. With a hammer, you’ll have to strike the right position on the key in order to disengage the lock. This is something else that you might want to practice on since it can be challenging figuring out exactly where to strike the key. If you own a bump key, keep it in a safe and secure location that is not visible to others. You don’t want to encourage anyone to make use of it for the wrong reasons.

  • Develop a Routine

Make it a routine to have your car keys in your hand as you are exiting your vehicle. This habit will help you avoid locking yourself out. The routine is to have your necessary car key in your hand when leaving your car. You want to visually identify your key before heading stepping out of your car to ensure you do not run into the problem of being locked out.

  • Have a Spare Key

It just makes common sense to have another set of car keys to avoid being locked out. This shouldn’t only apply when it comes to car keys, it should also apply when it comes to any type of key that gives you entry into somewhere that you need to be, home, office, etc. Don’t continue putting it off for another day. There is no better time than the present. Although having a spare key doesn’t mean you will never be locked out, it does mean you don’t have to remain locked out for too long before gaining access in again. It also gives you peace-of-mind and minimizes frustration. Some people even purchase more than one spare key at a time to ensure they always have access. Keep spare keys somewhere other than together; it defeats your purpose in having a spare if you keep them together. Give them to trustworthy friends and family who will be able to come to your aid when you need them.

  • Have Bad Locks Replaced With Newer Locks

If you have a hard time unlocking the doors of your car, this could be an indication that you need to have a new lock installed. Using a key that is damaged can cause problems with your lock. You may not be able to see the damage but you will be able to tell that something isn’t right because your key doesn’t immediately give you access to into your car. If the lock needs to be replaced, it doesn’t matter if you have a spare key or not, you may eventually find that the lock will no longer work. Avoid being locked out by having any locks replaced as soon as possible. Put it off just one more day and this just might be the day that you find yourself locked out.

  • Avoid Duplicating Keys

If you have keys duplicated frequently, you may eventually run into the problem of the key no longer working. This is because the more the key is duplicated, the further away from the original it will be. This means that you should always have spare keys made from your original key, not another duplicate key.

  • Keeping Up With Car Keys

We know this is easier said than done but if you are prone to losing your car keys, you might need to develop some type of way to always keep up with them. This goes back to always making sure you have a visual on your car key before hoping out of your car, even when you’re in a hurry. If you have spare keys, make sure you don’t hand out too many. When you do this you may not remember exactly who you gave the keys to. Avoid taking your car keys out in public because it is quite easy to lay them down and walk away. Instead, why not wait until you are walking toward your car to begin looking for them to minimize the possibility of losing them or leaving them somewhere.